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Well I have to say.... I'm totally impressed. This is so well constructed and to think I almost bought a different brand. Thank you so much for all the advise and guidance with what to get. I will recommend you to everyone and explain that the quality is very outstanding.–Jeff Little

To begin with, I really did not want to spend too much on a whelping box. I finally gave up, and ordered one of yours. I have to say, this is a SENSATIONAL box, and can't ever foresee needing another, unless I need TWO boxes at once. This is such a quality product, I just had to write and tell you how pleased I am.–Lynn Stuby - Nevar German Pinschers - Martinsville, IN

I have owned the Jonart Whelping Box for over 10 years. It is the best and ONLY box of it's kind. I would recommend it to every breeder who is looking to get the very best in quality, reliability and usefulness as well as ease of assembly and durability. After several litters and loaning it to friends, it still looks brand new. It is truly a great product!–Jill Farrington - Buckram Bearded Collies - Doylestown, PA

"We have the Jonart Whelping Box and we love it! We have just whelped a litter of Whippets and it has been a perfect addtion to our breeding program. We received it exactly on the day that you promised and we were amazed at how easy it was to assemble. It is incredibly easy to clean and sanitize. We plan on using this whelping box many times in the future. We are very pleased and gladly recommend it to anyone considering this product!"–Ken Felts and Paul Wellons - Eloine Whippets - Atlanta, GA

After having used several different whelping boxes from homemade to the "latest" and "greatest" on the market, I still wasn't satisfied with the quality and/or durability of each one. Homemade was okay, but bulky and not easy to clean no matter the finish put on it. Other manufactured whelping boxes were flimsy to say the least and after a few uses, it was clear they were not going to have a long life span at all. A friend of mine mentioned that she had purchased a new whelping box and it was incredible. Always anxious to find a better "mousetrap", I asked her for the information on it so I could "see it myself". After several years of using my Jonart Whelping Box, I cannot envision EVER whelping a litter without one! It still looks as good as new, it's easy to store when not in use, extremely easy to clean and so durable I know this one will last forever. It is truly an investment worth every penny for the last whelping box you will ever need to buy.–Susan Lybrand - Brandmar Kennels - Lucas, TX