1. Pick a flat surface to install the whelping box. Preferably set up on a level concrete, wood, tile or vinyl floor.
  2. Remove the whelping box and hardware from the packing box. You should have: four (4) side pieces; either two (2) floor pieces (for the large and extra large whelping box); or one (1) floor piece (for the medium or small whelping box); eight (8) carriage bolts; and eight (8) black knob screws. The floor piece(s) have 7.5 R insulation attached underneath. DO NOT MISTAKE THE FOAM BOARD ENCASED IN THE FLOOR PIECES FOR PACKING MATERIAL….THIS IS YOUR INSULATED FLOOR PANEL(S). DO NOT REMOVE.
  3. Place the floor piece(s) down on the flat surface insulation side down.
  4. Take one of the carriage bolts and push it through each hole on all side pieces.
  5. Stand two (2) sides vertically with the bubbly surface facing into the whelping box area to form an L around the corner of the floor piece.
  6. Align the holes on the whelping box wall and push in the carriage bolt so that the bolt runs along the side wall.  Screw in the black knob screw.
  7. Stand the last two (2) sides vertically with the bubbly surface facing into the whelping box and push the carriage bolt in and screw in the black knob screw.
  8. Do not over-tighten the knob screws.
  9. The pig rails are shipped without the leg extensions inserted. To install the leg extensions, rub a soap solution or wax along the extension and lightly tap it into the pig rail leg with a mallet  Use a twisting and pulling motion to remove the extensions when not in use.
  10. To install the pig rail simply connect at the corners with corner brackets inserting into plain piece with no corner bracket until all four pieces are connect to become one large square and place the pig rail into the whelping box feet side down.  It fits securely in place with no movement. Note: The small box size has puppy rails that come assembled and glued permanently together (do not try and pull apart).

Note:  We recommend caution and common sense when using the box on a heated floor or surface. To be safe, do not use on a surface that is more than 75 Degrees.

RECOMMENDED CLEANING – use a 10 to 1 solution of water to bleach or water to white vinegar and wipe the whelping box with the mixture using a cloth or sponge.  Use clean rinse water and wipe clean with a cloth or sponge and towel dry.  We cannot guarantee how commercial cleaners or chemicals will react or possibly affect the plastic, sealants, or adhesives used in the construction of the box. Please use only bleach and water or vinegar and water to clean. We do not recommend using a hose, power washer, shower or bath tub or submerging the panels in water in any way or run them through a car wash or sprinkler or any combination there of as water could get inside the framework.

RECOMMENDED STORAGE – Store the box in its original shipping box after you’ve cleaned it once done using it.  Do NOT store in a place where temperatures exceed 90 degree’s Fahrenheit or fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Returns will only be accepted with our prior approval, so please contact us via phone first.  All claims must be made within (10) business days and returned to us within (14) business days.  Returned items will be issued a refund minus the shipping cost and minus a  restocking fee.
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